The G8066 is a front loading tank system dishwasher. It is always ready to run because the temperature of the wash water is held at 65ºC. The final rinse is then carried out at a variable temperature of up to 85ºC. The G8066 has a large wash cabinet which offers ample room for pots, pans and trays. With a running time of only 90 seconds per load, the G8066 has a cleaning capacity of, for example, 40 baskets containing 720 plates per hour.

Key Features
  • Throughput of 40 baskets or 720 plates per hour
  • Shortest cycle time - 90 seconds
  • Selection of baskets and inserts available
  • Electronic control with 3 programmes and a self cleaning programme
  • Tank wash system
  • Throughfeed system - fast, thorough and economical
  • Powerful wash action via two rotating spray arms each in the upper and lower basket
  • Rinse booster pump
  • Integrated liquid dosing and water softener
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