The G8072 front loading tank system dishwasher is always ready to run because the temperature of the wash water is held at 65ºC. The G8072 hood tank dishwasher offers optimum user friendliness for a perfect work flow in large kitchens. With the through-feed system, the loading of baskets, wash phase and unloading of the crockery can happen in one seamless process, making the job much easier for staff. With a running time of only 60 seconds per load, the G8072 has the capacity of, for example, 60 baskets containing 1080 plates per hour.

Key Features
  • Throughput of 60 baskets or 1320 plates per hour
  • Shortest cycle time - 60 seconds
  • Selection of baskets and inserts available
  • Electronic control with 3 programmes and a self cleaning programme
  • Throughfeed system - fast, thorough and economical
  • Powerful wash action via two rotating spray arms each in the upper and lower basket
  • Rinse booster pump
  • Integrated liquid dosing and water softener
  • Automatic programme start when hood is closed
  • Final rinse temperature selectable between 85 and 65°C
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