HM16-80 Rotary ironer

The HM16-80 rotary ironer is ideal for ironing workwear and laundry on the smallest of footprints. The ironer has fast trough heating and optimum heat distribution for consistent ironing results and has a variety of temperature settings to provide gentle treatment to garments. After ironing, laundry falls in loose pleats in the ample stacking space below the trough. The HM16-80 has a steam function to reduce the ironing time and optimise the results. The ironer has an airing bar to allow laundry to cool down and continue to dry without creasing and a fold-away design for easy storage.

Key Features
  • Roller diameter 160mm
  • Roller length 830mm
  • Output 13kg/h at 20% residual moisture with a roller termperature of approx 175c
  • Variety of temperature settings
  • Space saving folding frame
  • Patented finger guard
  • Return feed operation
  • Manual trough release in event of power failure
  • Steam function
  • Water tank with capacity of 0.83l
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HM16-80 Rotary ironer