PM1418 Rotary ironer

The PM1418 flatwork ironer is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, no matter what size the items to be ironed. The ironer has a roller width of 1750mm, the option of electric or gas heating, and also provides the option for laundry throughfeed or return feed for against-the-wall installation. The ironer has an outfeed table with Miele’s patented honeycomb pattern, allowing laundry to be cooled by a stream of cooler room air from below.

Key Features
  • 90 kg/h laundry throughput at 25% residual moisture, 91% surface covered
  • Roller diameter 365mm
  • Roller length incl padding 1750mm
  • Electric or gas heating
  • Steel wool padding with ARAMID needle felt cloth
  • Optional: Elastopress spring padding with ARAMID needle felt cloth
  • New eccentric-drive trough-raising mechanism for uniform contact pressure
  • FlexControl' treadle switch controls to avoid infeed mistakes - belts and roller stop when the freely positionable foot switch is activated
  • Automatic laundry pickers prevents laundry from travelling through the trough a second time
  • 'EasyFold' laundry table with honeycomb structure and thermodynamic cool down
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PM1418 Rotary ironer