PWT 6089

The PWT 6089 is a space-saving stackable machine option, doubling laundry capacity in the smallest of laundry rooms. The 2 x 8kg stacked washing machine and dryer can wash and dry 8kg of laundry in just 94 minutes. The user-friendly central control panel is angled for easy reading and offers a one-touch cycle selection and displays operating instructions, as well as remaining cycle time.

Key Features
  • Washer-dryer stack
  • Load capacity: 8kg
  • Profitronic L Vario control with 16 basic programmes and 52 target-group programmes
  • Miele's patented honeycomb drum allows for a thin film of water to form which protects the laundry and prevents fibre damage or pilling
  • WRAS approved - category 5
  • 8kg can be washed and dried in only 94 mins
  • Residual moisture sensor bars in the tumble dryer precisely measure and monitor drying progress and adjust as necessary
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PWT 6089